Why Is It Important To Have 30 Hours In School

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In a school's stressful bustling atmosphere, lunch time is often a student's most awaited time of the day. This break helps them get through the school day. This is the time where they get to relax for a bit after that stressful test in Calculus, the time to socialize with their peers and most especially to mentally prepare themselves for the next period. Unfortunately, some universities have cut lunch to just a few minutes, forcing the students to rush as quickly as possible so they can enter their next class on time. Is sufficient time for a lunch break important for the students? In Silliman University, this time schedule has unknowingly been practiced. Some classes end 30 minutes before the succeeding class. The effects of this obviously show when students arrive late to class or worse, skip it. The fact that the students most definitely have to adjust to their schedule is inarguable, but a class ending at 12:30 PM is unjust to students whose next class start at 1 PM. Classes like this, with a 30- minute time gap, between lunch and first afternoon period, should not be practiced in Silliman University. …show more content…
The given time gap should be used wisely to be able to catch the next class on time. It is a student's responsibility to manage his time carefully. The students do not take that long in eating their lunches so there is no reason for them to not be able to come to the next class in time. However, most of the students are not in favor of these reasons. They are simply inconvenient and unfair in the students' parts. The following are 4 obvious reasons as to why this time schedule should not be

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