Lunar Capital Management And Sustainability Essay

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Recently, sustainability become a vital issue all over the world. Sustainability could promote the development of economic, social and protect the environment. Investors take important parts of achieving the sustainability. However, the sustainability always be ignored by investors and the whole financial markets. Under the circumstance, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) supported by United Nations appear. The PRI shows the connection between environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and finance. To merge ESG factors into the decision of investment could make a more stable financial system, decrease risks and increase financial returns.

Lunar Capital is one of the signatories of the United Nations-backed PRI. The PRI and its six principles provide a guideline for Lunar Capital.1 The article will analyse the Lunar Capital Management in term of the six principles. To judge whether to apply the principles can make more advantages to the company and is better for the sustainability and ESG issues.

Lunar Capital Management

Lunar Capital is a China‚Äôs leading consumer-focused private equity company by differentiated investment approach. Under the sectors of consumption, Lunar Capital mainly seeks these businesses which is approved by the markets and have strong brand and high gross profits, meanwhile, these businesses can grow from the strict management of Lunar Capital. Lunar Capital use a process-driven measure to achieve its strategy. When Lunar Capital…

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