Luke Is The Savior Of The World Essay

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The topic of Luke is that Jesus is the savior of the world. The author intended to refute the idea in Matthew that the Jesus only preach the gospels to Jews. Luke also contained the unique controversy between the rich and poor, which wasn 't mentioned in other gospels. In Luke, Jesus is the savior who rescues not only the Jews but also the gentiles, and Jesus despises the rich and sympathizes the poor. This paper will focus on the ministry of Jesus, especially the healing and teachings, in Luke. According to the two source theory, Luke and Mathew borrowed information from the Gospel of Mark and sayings preserved by Christian oral tradition called Q. Therefore, some scholars believe that Luke is a revision of Matthew referring to Mark. Luke was written around 80 CE, when the Roman Empire suppressed Jews because they believe that Jews were bellicose and uncontrollable. The reader (“Theophilus” Luke 1:3) of Luke were gentiles who were influenced by Greek culture. Luke thus focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus without presenting political threat to the Roman Empire, and emphasizing that Jesus also preach to gentiles. The author os Luke included overlap with Mark and Matthew and unique stories from source Q. It’s important to analyze the words that Luke deleted or added, as the selection of stories indicates the image of Jesus in Luke’s mind. The depiction of Jesus is not objective; rather, it is profoundly influenced by the personal experience, view and intention of the…

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