Essay about Luke 6 : 27-36 On Love Of One 's Enemies

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Luke 6:27-36 On Love of One’s Enemies Bible serves as a fundament for Christian religion. Followers believe that this book is saint and they can find all answers in it. It provides people with a certain model of lifestyle, which includes a set of rules to obey. Moreover, the book describes the history of people 's creation and development. Based on the knowledge received from the Bible, humans create a new religion called Christianity. However, nowadays there exist multiple interpretations of the book. According to the Bible, it was originally written in Hebrew, the native language of Moses, who recorded the words of God. Then it was translated to other languages. It is a common knowledge that translations cannot be fully identical to the original source, so it is possible to suppose that every person add new elements to the text. That is why, many researchers claim that generally accepted interpretations are no longer universal and should not be treated as general truth: every person has a right for his/her own understanding of the Bible. The main goal of this paper is to make a comparative analyses of different translations of the Bible analyze the commenter provide by researchers on the example of the passage "On Love of One’s Enemies".
However, some editors have not included s few lines in the translation, such as :" bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you". Actually, they have changed the meaning of the whole passage. If to add this lines to the texts,…

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