Luke 24 : A Universal Perspective Essay

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When we talk about the Great Commission, it is mostly about the Matthew 28 passage. However, the Luke 24 passage also give us insights about how to prepare the evangelists and missionaries. From a universal perspective, Luke is also on target about mission. If we look at the unity between the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, we should arrive at the conclusion that Luke 24 is the preparation of Acts 1-28 and Acts 29. Of course, the result of Luke-Acts is Revelation. Therefore, to accomplish Acts 29 and unveil Revelation, we should learn from the mission preparation principles in Luke 24.
First, the missionaries must know resurrected Jesus personally. Usually we perceive Luke 24:36-44 as the resurrection story. Indeed, this event was about Jesus reaffirming his resurrection to the disciples. But Luke put this story before they were commissioned. Jesus is now confirming the earlier reports of the appearances to individuals by his appearance to a larger group (Marshall 1978, 901). Can you imagine the disciples being commissioned before they were fully convinced of Jesus’ resurrection? If they are convinced themselves, it would be impossible to proclaim the gospel without shame, without doubts, and without hindrances. Therefore, Jesus called them to touch Him. Since they were startled and sacred, Jesus showed them the nailing marks of his hands and his feet. Then they recognized that the person appeared to them is not a ghost, but the Jesus of Nazareth. To confirm it, he…

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