Essay about Lucy Vs. Analysis Of The Movie ' Lucy V. '

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Lucy v. Zehmer: The court focused on the contract being written in Zhemer’s handwriting and the both of them signed it. Even though Zehmer told Lucy the next day that it was the liquor talking and that he didn’t want to sell the farm, the court believed that Lucy was serious about purchasing the farm because he believed the contract was legit. By believing in the contract, the next day he focused on getting the money. The night they met at the restaurant, Zehmer had told Lucy that he couldn’t get the money that night. The court could have based the contract solely on that night; they could have said that the agreement was for that night only. Another point that could have been made, was due to the fact that both men had been drinking and that the contract was null and void because neither one of them were thinking clearly. Even though the court agreed with Lucy and he won the case, it should have been put into writing that if he sells the land within a certain period of time, he should share some of the earnings with Zehmer. This way Zehmer was able to make a little money off the land because he sold it prematurely. Theory to Practice: There was never a contract because officially there wasn’t anything in writing that both parties agreed to and signed off on. Even though the email stated “Strat Deal”, it still doesn’t mean it’s a contract set in stone. In order for a contract to be valid, I believe that both parties should have input. Chou should have…

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