Lucy Mcmillan, A American Civil War And The Demise Of American Slavery

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Lucy McMillan, a Former Slave in South Carolina, Testifies About White

Violence, 1871 feels like a communication/question testimony that occurs in communities for

point of views on different classified subject matters. This document does indeed originate from

an excerpt from Testimony Taken by the Joint Select Committee to Inquire into the Condition of

Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States (Washington 1872) Because it stands as a creation of a

group venture of a committee from the U.S. Congress, there is no singular identifiable author as

a “face”. Thus the identifiable figure taken from these testimonies is really people who are asked

to be involved in thus testimony; with this excerpt displaying information from the answers of

Lucy McMillan. This document of a testimony excerpt references subtly the climate of American culture a

decade plus after the end of the American Civil War and the demise of American slavery. Even

without viewing the story in full, the title of the document reveals that it partakes in a post-

slavery/post-Civil War threshold of American History with a former slave being asked questions

in the document. This document excerpt from the full papers of testimony involves collecting the

experience of multiple witnesses on behavior; that stands now as acts of purposeful hate and

violence: against just freed African Americans, anti-slavery supporters like radical Republicans

and critiques of such acts against them. While…

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