Lucy And The Reluctant Fundamentalist Character Analysis

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Mohsin Hamid and Jamaica Kincade craft their novels Lucy and The Reluctant Fundamentalist with a focus of the main protagonists Lucy and Changaz coming of age in America. They institute the hope of enriching the life’s of Lucy and Changaz, as well as achieving their American Dream. Kinked developed Lucy’s character through using an American mentor; Mariah. Who provided Lucy with a loving family atmosphere she was craving, and became a mother figure for her. Hamid’s lead character, like Lucy comes to America and develops a relationship with his boss, Jim from Underwood Sampson, a prestigious firm in New York City. Jim became a mentor for Changaz and a key figure in the success that Changaz achieved. Changaz evolved into a corporate shark through …show more content…
Who attends Princeton University, and wants to reestablish his family's wealth. Changaz like Lucy came to America with a notion that America would be his second chance. The perfect place to live and work. Like Kincade Hamid created a relationship between Changaz and his American boss Jim from Underwood Sampson. they began to develop a mentor mentee relationship. Jim wants what's best for Changaz and his career because they came from similar backgrounds. Like Changaz Jim “was the first guy from my family to go to college. I worked night shift in Trenton to pay my way, far enough from campus that people wouldn't find out. So I get where you're coming from, Changez. You're hungry, and that's a good thing in my book (page10).” Acquiring knowledge that Jim was once where he was given Changaz the drive and ambition to become like Jim. For Changaz, Jim embodies the successful upwardly-mobile American self-made man. Changaz wants to be as successful as him and likewise Jim does his best to push Changaz and give him an abundance of opportunities into to becoming more like him; and living the lifestyle of working in corporate

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