Lucky's Ice Cream Scandal Case Study

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Lucky’s Ice Cream Parlor
Marissa Marie Gonzales
Business 110
Mr. Lewis

Lucky’s Ice Cream Parlor
Owning a business comes with a lot of decision making. Recently, the owners of Lucky’s Ice Cream Parlor shared with the media a decision that made all the difference in Lucky’s Parlor. The owner of Lucky’s Ice Cream Parlor had recently discovered a few different health codes the parlor was in violation of. The violation was not at the time affecting the parlors quality of the product, but it would at least cost an approximate amount of four thousand dollars to resolve. The Health Inspector offered to overlook the violations of Lucky’s Parlor if, the owner would agree to throw an ice cream party for his daughters softball team
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Public Relations as described in the online article “Public Relations”, is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization. If Lucky agrees to have the health inspector overlook the violation, Lucky can build a bond with the inspector and his team when they come in for free Ice cream, but if the Public finds out Lucky is being dishonest, Lucky’s Ice Cream Parlor’s reputation can be ruined and shamed. If Lucky decides to pay to fix the health codes, Lucky may also gain a few critics that shame the parlor on behalf of being in health violation, but Lucky will only be improving his business for the …show more content…
A Safety Risk, as described in the online article “What is Safety Risk”, is the exposure to the possibility of loss, injury or damage. If Lucky decides to have the inspector overlook the health codes, Lucky will be putting his consumers and his employees’ health at risk. This can result in major punishment by OSHA and possible financial punishment. If Lucky decides to fix the health codes violations, Lucky will be ensuring a safer environment for both his consumers and employees, and will avoid the repercussions for not meeting the health code standards. The last thing that Lucky took into consideration before making his final decision, was the financial implications each decision would have. A financial implication described on the online article “What does the phrase Financial Implications mean?”, is the influence that something has on your financial situation. If Lucky decided to overlook the violations, Lucky can save four thousand dollars and only spend the funds for the free ice cream for the softball team. If Lucky decides to make the changes needed to correct the violation, Lucky will be losing four thousand dollars that he does not

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