What Are The Benefits Of Being Loyal

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Loyalty; it is the process of being loyal. It 's a pretty simple definition. To be loyal means to give or show a support or allegiance to a person or institution. People show loyalty to others for a variety of reasons, mainly because they obtain some benefit because of it; these usually include love, trust, or in the case of most politics and corrupt governments, money. So, when the benefits of being loyal to others disappear or even turn to negative consequences, why is it that most individuals remain faithful? If loyalty is so easily defined, why is it not such a simple emotion that we can stop its occurrence? Although having a simple meaning, loyalty has such deep roots that cannot be easily broken. It takes great emotional strength and …show more content…
Many fear that if they do not remain loyal, that their circumstances may worsen, whether it is emotionally, physically or financially. Overcoming this fear is a major obstacle in breaking loyalty in abusive relationships. Evidence of this fear can be found after Josh 's mother buys him pencil crayons and herself some shampoo. When Mrs. Walker tries to calm down her husband after he makes a subtle comment about her wasteful spending, Josh thinks, "Easy, Mom... you better watch it." This quote shows the fear Josh has for his father. He knows that if his mother continues to protest and not be obedient, that their relationship could worsen; he may become even angrier and possibly take out his anger on them. As a result, Josh stays silent and remains loyal to his father. He does not advocate for his mother and instead obeys his father 's unspoken order to remain uninvolved, in an attempt to avoid possible punishment. A second example is also found in Josh when Douglas forced him to break his pencil crayons. His father ordered him to break the blue crayon, “but his hands were shaking so badly he couldn’t snap the pencil.” Josh did not have the courage to break such a generous and sentimental gift from his mother. Frustrated, his father proceeded to show his son step by step how to break the pencil. It was purely out of fear that he eventually broke every pencil crayon. Josh was afraid that if he did not obey his father 's wishes, that he might have become very infuriated with his son 's insubordination and abuse him. The fear and sorrow of this experience was felt immediately when he was holding a part of the pencil in each hand and knew, that "he was going to cry." Another factor that persuades Josh and his mother to remain loyal to Douglas is the fear that they may not be able to live without him. Through his supercilious and condescending comments, they have

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