Loyalty And Perseverance In The Odyssey

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What makes a man? For as long as history can date back, a man has been viewed as a powerful figure in society who had to get things done, especially for his family. Loyalty, by definition, is the quality of being loyal to someone or something and perseverance, by definition is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. In The Odyssey, Homer displays these two traits repeatedly throughout the story as the two main male characters progress and attempt to accomplish their missions. Specifically, loyalty and perseverance is demonstrated by Telemachus showing his devotion to King Odysseus himself and Odysseus displaying those traits towards his family back at home in Ithaca. There can be a debate on what …show more content…
“In his mind he saw his father coming from somewhere, scattering the suitors, and gaining back his honor, and control of all his property.” (Homer, 109) Homer gives us a vision of what Telemachus believes will happen, and when the goddess Athena assures him his father is alive, he is determined to keep his vision alive. “I have to tell you this--it is an order. You have to leave my halls. Go dine elsewhere! Eat your own food, or share between your houses. Or if you think it easier and better to ruin one man’s wealth, and if you think that you can get away with it--go on! You will be punished and destroyed, right here!” (Homer, 117) Just as Athena instructed him to do so, Telemachus displays loyalty to his father by banishing the suitors from his estate. “If I find out my father is alive and coming home, I will endure this pain for one more year. But if I hear that he is dead, I will come home to my own land and build a tomb and hold the funeral rites as he deserves.” (Homer, 127) Once again, Telemachus demonstrates loyalty to Odysseus, who he is not even sure is alive anymore. He then displays perseverance by insisting on on a difficult, long enduring journey, just to find any news about Odysseus, and is willing to endure the pain for a whole year if the good news is

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