Lowering The Minimum Drinking Age Essay

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The topic of US’ states lowering the minimum drinking age to eighteen or keeping the age at twenty one has been a hot, controversial topic over the past few years. As of July 1988, each of the fifty states have made their MLDA, minimum legal drinking age, twenty one (Eastman). Given that each state has the same drinking age, it greatly reduces drinking and driving among teens because they cannot drive to another state, drink, and return home while intoxicated. Although both sides of the argument propose great reasoning and supporting evidence on what the MLDA should be, it is disagreeable that the age should be reduced to eighteen. It is statistically proven that keeping the minimum legal drinking age at twenty one, in each state, would be beneficial to society by allowing those who are younger than twenty one to become further educated on the subject of alcohol consumption. To begin, many argue that the MLDA needs to be dropped to eighteen years old. In the US, eighteen marks the first year of adulthood. At this age, rights and responsibilities could include but not be limited to the signing of legal contracts, voting, marriage, and enlisting in the US military (Kiesbye). It is moderately agreeable that if one is old enough to shed blood, or risk their life for their country, they should have the right to consume alcohol at the least. The minimum legal alcohol intake age of at least twenty one has been questioned in the Supreme Court of Louisiana on the principle that…

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