Lowering The Amount Of Milk Chocolate By 15gs Essay

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I chose to reduce the amount of Milk Chocolate by 15gs because it contains a lot of sugar and i would like to reduce that. So to substitute i increased the amount of Plain Chocolate chips which contain less sugar yet they also provide some sweetness. I decided to add a handful of raspberries because they will add some nutrition to the dessert, as well as add a complimentary sour flavour. I decided the tart and ganache should have a slight red colour because it makes it look a little more edgy and eye catching

Question for Testers
Would you buy this product for a family celebration, Why?
Yes, I would buy this product, as a mother, I believe it is important to have a great dessert to finish of a family get together,that will compliment/start a great conversation. This dessert, contains the most famous dessert component- Chocolate, whiteenagehildren love, and it also contains some raspberries which make it suitable for adults to eat as well as it has a healthy appeal Yes, I would but I wouldn 't just buy it because it looks good generally and is a nice dessert.
Yeah, I would buy it because it tasted quite nice.
What was the most enjoyable aspect of this product?
For me the raspberry made the dish special it was a really nice touch and it also made it appealing to me as an adult.
The raspberry and chocolate combination was really nice, it gave the whole dessert a nice flavour.
I liked everything it all worked well together, and it was suitable for my age group (teenagers)

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