Lowering Minimum Legal Drinking Age Essay

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Especially, college students believed drinking is a part of student culture which deeply established into campus life ( Fennell, 2007, p.215) and binge drinking patterns are persistent college trends with normative acceptance of harmful alcohol use ( Wechsler and Nelson, 2010, p.987).
In line with college drinking culture, Scibner, et al.(2009, cited by Caldwell, 2012, p. 37-38) suggested interesting argument which lowering minimum legal alcohol drinking age corrects the misperception of normative peer drink since prevalence underground drinking caused over estimated other peers’ drink. Fenell( 2007, p.215) also argued that even increased minimum legal drinking age 21 has been disobeyed and responsible drinking promotion would be more effective rather than policy enforced restriction.
For example, the studies in the U.S.A noted that risky drinking pattern among college students have decreased approximately 20% via social norms interventions (Johansson & Glider, 2003; Fabiano, 2003; Perkins and Craig, 2002, cited in Jones, Barrie & Robinson, 2011, p.8).
However, several researchers suggested that communities which put the environmental prevention such as implement and carry out local alcohol policies positively affect community norms, personal beliefs and attitudes to reduce early onset of adolescents’ alcohol misuse ( Lipperman-Kreda & Paschall ,2010, p.254-255). Therefore, comprehensive alcohol policy like minimum alcohol drink age law directly influence on community norms…

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