Lowering Expectations And Its Effect On Life Essay

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The phrase “low expectations” usually has a negative connotation. This makes sense, because people have associated low expectations with unhappiness and failure. This is not always the case, however; sometimes having low expectations can be viewed as pleasant and helpful, whereas having high expectations can cause disappointment. Even William Shakespeare once said that expectations are the root of heartache. Lowering expectations can positively impact happiness by changing one’s outlook on life, relieving one’s stress from pursuing goals, relieving stress towards school, and reducing anger or disappointment in people.
First of all, by practicing having low or no expectations one’s outlook on life can be renewed in a positive way. For example, many people have expectations for how their day will go, whether it be positive or negative. In many cases, there are some people who plan every aspect of their day from what they wear to what their schedule will look like, and what they will eat. This will result in them having expectations for how their day will play out. Unfortunately, if their day goes bad, that person will then feel agitated and might have negative feelings throughout the day. However, if they practice having low expectations, then if something was to go wrong, such as getting a flat tire on the way to work, then it would not feel like the world is crashing down on them. Instead, that person could feel less upset about the bad outcome and happier with the rest of…

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