Lowering Age Of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Lowering Ages of Cosmetic Surgery in Korea
In twenty-first century, with the rapid development of economic, medical, and science and technology, the living standards of people have been continuously improved. At the same time, people’s pursuit on better looks brings an emerging industry, cosmetic surgery industry, in South Korea. Cosmetic surgery is distinguished from plastic surgery, the principal purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance people’s appearance of a body part, especially on their face. It was first performed in India, developed in America, and most booming in South Korea(cite). The Korean cosmetic surgery boom is proportional to the growth of the GDP per capita. When the South Korean economy was boosted by the 1988 Seoul Olympics, people got wealthier. So they had more time and money to spend on their beauty. On the other hand, the Korean Wave such as Korean-Pop and Korean-drama has affected local young people and many countries across the world, especially all around Asia in the late 1990’s (“Plastic Surgery in Korea”). In recent years, South Korea is known as the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. Data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicates that twenty percent of women have had some form of cosmetic work, compared to five percent of American women. It shows that South Korea has the highest ratio of procedures per capita. The development of the cosmetic industry has brought a growing number of overseas visitors, most…

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