Low Self Esteem Essay

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The myth I chose was that self esteem causes major psychological problems. I was drawn to this myth because I hear a lot about the damaging effects of low self esteem, on children and adults alike. Personally I did not know any real evidence on it, simply that it was something I assumed to be true. The book used the examples of the columbine shooters, and how in the media, the most common reason given as to why to young people could do such a thing was because they were bullied, and therefore had low self esteem. In retrospect, it now seems a bit hasty to believe low self esteem could be the major cause of such a catastrophe, especially since we would probably have a lot more of these events happening if that were true. Don’t get me wrong, …show more content…
I tried my best to ask it in a way that was more conversational than anything, in order to keep her form suspecting anything, and I think it worked! After a few moments of contemplation, she decided she did believe that self esteem can cause psychological problems. When asked about why she believes this myth, she replied that it only really has an effect if it is really low, and if it is very low, there is sure to be problems because of it. According to her, self esteem leads to depression, that can lead to secluding yourself, and then to a variety of other issues. When asked about high self esteem, she simply replied that would just make you arrogant. So there I went, trying to convince her that it was a myth based on evidence given in the book. If there was one thing that surprised me about this process, it was how neither person I asked really knew why they believed it, other than they just did. I am curious about if I would have changed the question to “do you believe high self esteem causes problems” they would have also answered yes. It was not really hard to convince my friend, though she did argue about certain points and try and figure it all out. Once told about the facts behind this myth, it was not particularly hard to convince her, she jumped on rather quick and seemed to act as if she just did not know very

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