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26 November 2013
The Grizzly Bear Lodge Mini Case Owning and operating a lodge can be a lot of work, but rewarding at the same time. Customers come to a lodge to relax and get away from their daily routine. When staying the night away from home, it is important to the customer that the staff at the lodge makes their stay as comfortable as possible. In this case The Grizzly Bear Lodge will be examined. It will look at the service they provide in addition to their expansion opportunities. The Grizzly Bear Lodge is family owned. According to the textbook, Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, Diane and Rudy Conrad operate The Grizzly Bear Lodge which accommodates 15 rooms (598). They offer breakfast every
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Diane and Rudy must also perform audits. There are three types of audits: management audits, external audits, and internal audits (Snell 575). Each audit evaluates a different thing. When auditing management, one looks at the effectiveness within the management of the organization. The external audit will allow a separate company to perform the audit in order to provide essential feedback. This allows the external company to identify legal and ethical conditions that could potentially hurt the future of the lodge. The internal audits would be done periodically so that the lodge is able to assess their planning, organizing, leading and controlling processes. Each type of auditing will improve the quality of The Grizzly Bear Lodge.
The Grizzly Bear Lodge needs to focus on their budgeting if they want to expand. There are many types of budgeting to focus on: sales budget, production budget, cash budget, capital budget, and master budget (Snell 577-578). Each type of budgeting is important in a different way. For expansion purposes, sales budgeting is necessary. The Conrad’s would like to stay open year round. By analyzing the sales budget the Conrad’s will be able to look at when peak seasons are, when they will need more staff, as well as when they are slow on business. If they want to expand they will need more materials and

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