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Living apart together (L.A.T)

Living apart together also called “L.A.T” is a term who describes couples who have a relationship married or not, but live at separate places. It is not like a “long-distance-relationships”, because LAT’s have chosen to live separately themselves. In Text 2 David Popenoe, who is co-director of a marriage and family studies center, describes how living apart together is becoming a trend, and that this trend started in Europe and is now on its way to America. The number of couples living apart together is increasingly these days, and it is becoming more normal. Text 2 also describes how LAT’s chose to live apart to avoid situations that can be problematic, such as having children from earlier
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In test 3, Gary Picariello is both for and against living apart together. You see that he is skeptical, when he is saying that “LAT’s just don’t want to commit”. He means that the trend is a way of avoiding unwanted problems and conflicts, which comes when you are around someone all the time. Like in text 2 Picariello, comments on how the older generations, finds the solution living apart easier, ex. if they have children from an earlier relationship. He also tells about how it sometimes is more practical, when couples are living apart together, such as housing costs. He comes to the conclusion that living apart together haves its advantages but he would never do it himself.


Text 3 is a personal comment and therefore it is not objective. It is influenced by the writer Gary Picariello’s personal opinion about living apart together. Picariello uses the personal comment to tell what living apart together is and then disuses (whit himself) what he thinks about living apart together. The comment is marked by “spoken language”, words and sentences such as “so what’s the deal?”, “check out” and “making a go”, are more spoken language that written. You see it is a personal comment because he uses his “own” personal language, marked by words he might use in his everyday life. Picariello also uses a lot of humor and comes with a lot of ironic comments such as; “Come to think that I just invented a NEW term for relationship that

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