Love: the Four Letter Word Essay

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Love: The Four Letter Word
Love, the four letter word that binds us all together. Whether it is the love of a significant other or your best friend, love is the glue to all relationships. Love is important as it give purpose and significance to bonds created with others. When you truly love another, the love for them is put above yourself. The main types of love are Companionship Love, Romantic or Sexual Love, Family Love, Friendship Love and Charity Love, all of which are not only important to have in life, but influences the way we interact with others in the world around us.
The Greek word for companionship, Hetaireia, explains the love that is found between classmates, comrades or coworkers. This type of love is important to have and
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Furthermore, Eros gives meaning to life, it always one to feel free with a special other. On the whole, Eros influences in the way we interact with others around us, by giving us the passion and the spontaneity that makes our lives better.
Storge was known to the Greeks as the familial love that brings families together. Family love is the love is experienced in everyday life, as it is shared between a parent and child. This is the type of love that is unconditional, the type of love that makes one feel “safe”. Storge does not have to have been earned by any of the participants; it is given freely, and without any need for return, though it is usually is given back in the same way. In addition, the love one has for family is generally very emotional, and with deep attachments. This makes are life well rounded because the natural love that is given to us as children can influence the way we treat other people for the rest of our lives, as people who receive good, generally give back good. Though this is not always the case, Storge is still very important for all people, making everyone involved feel cherished. As can be seen, Storge is very important to have in life, and influences the way we interact with others.
The next type of love was known to the Greeks of Philia or Friendship. Philia is the love that is expressed

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