Love Style Survey

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Some believe that the results of a survey can completely describe an individual’s personality. After completing both of the surveys I agree with this opinion. For the love style survey I was given at least a 36% in each of the five categories. For the Avoider category I received a 36%. For the Pleaser category I received a 79%. For the Vacillator category I received a 71%. For the Controller category I received a 43%. For the Victim category I received a 43%. For the animal survey I received similar results based on my personality. For the Lion section I received a 24. For the Otter section I received a 36. For the Golden Retriever Section I received a 32. For the Beaver I received a 32.
In my opinion all of the scores I received accurately describe my personality type. I was ranked highest in the Pleaser and Otter categories. These two seem to contradict
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The biggest challenge I face is not being able to resolve conflicts when they arise. We both often look the other way to avoid starting a conversation with each other. Another challenge we face is not being able have a friendly conversation. I view this as very unhealthy because constantly avoiding interaction with someone can create social anxiety issues. On the other had there are a few opportunities that this issue presents. One opportunity I have is that I can practice escaping my comfort zone. Each time I say something to my roommate I make myself uncomfortable. This helps build character and mental strength. This will help with other situations such as public speaking because I will be used to doing things that make me feel uncomfortable. Another opportunity this situation presents is me improving my body reading skills. Being that my roommate and I don’t communicate verbally we have strong non-verbal skills. This ca drastically improve my abilities to understand how people feel without them having to tell

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