Love story vs Satire Essay

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Naudia Sanchez
AP Literature and Composition
Ms. Harrison
27 November 2014
Is Fitzgerald writing a love story that embraces American ideals, or a satire that comments on
American ideals?
Love Story vs. Satire At the surface of this novel it’s an ongoing love story but when you peel away at the layers it is actually a satire of society’s expectations. The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott
Fitzgerald was written to criticize the American dream of the 1920's through love affairs,and corrupted ambitions.
This novel has various love affairs; it seemed that the original couples loved each other but in the long run it was just lust over love. It starts off with Daisy and Tom Buchanan the old money couple of East Egg. Nick Carraway
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So when Daisy wants to attend one of
Gatsby’s parties Tom forces himself to go with her because he doesn’t like Gatsby because he came out of no where with his newly profound wealth. When Tom and Daisy were heading out
Tom made Daisy upset by saying “Who is this Gatsby anyhow?...Some big bootlegger?”(pg 107)
Tom says that because during that time that was the only way someone that was poor was able to get money so easily and quickly. Thats one reason that Tom doesn’t like him; its all about social class to Tom and if you are not apart of the old money social class then you are nothing. That is why there is two coast that separate the two rich social classes.
There is a difference between East Egg and West Egg. East Egg is where the “old money” wealthy people are located; they inherited their money from a previous generation making them rich for a very long time. While in West Egg is where “new money” wealthy people are located; they work for the money, some go to any means to get money.The people who represent each side are Tom and Daisy Buchanan (East Egg) and Jay Gatsby (West Egg).
Throughout the novel we find out that Tom was right and that Gatsby what to any means to get his wealth even if that meant he had to become a bootlegger.
Gatsby always wanted to be rich and that is usually one of the many American dreams; to be rich, America has always made it possible through hard work and commitment. But Gatsby

didn’t want to be rich to benefit

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