`` Love Story `` By Taylor Swift Essay

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Love; although this is a simple word there are a lot of feelings that come with it. Today in our society movies, songs, and social media portray love as a happy and easy thing. In most cases the happy part is true, however there are difficult times that come along with love. Our society perceives love as rainbows and chocolate but in reality it comes with storms and sour milk.
Fairytale books line girls book shelves as they grow up. In their younger years they read the stories of Cinderella and Snow White; as they grow into their teenage years they read Twilight and Nicolas Sparks books. All these types of stories portray the man and women as soulmates; nothing will tear them apart, not even a wicked stepmother.
Songs written by Taylor Swift and many other artist portray true love in the wrong way. For example in the song “Love Story,” Taylor tells the story of two people who are not supposed to be together so they can run away and everything will be okay. “You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess it’s a love story, baby, just say, ‘Yes.’” In today 's world if a couple had to run away together to spend the rest of their lives together, they would most likely break up.
Social media posts on Instagram and Twitter, also put a false image of what true love is. Couples post pictures of themselves with big smiles after a game or after they did something special for a date. On twitter there are post called “relationship goals.” These are pictures, text messages, or…

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