Love: No True Definition Of Love

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No True Definition to Love
Before my first encounter, love was just a mean less four letter word. Until I ran across my first love that changed my perception on the importance of what love means. Although love is not the easiest thing to understand, no one wonts to go through life without enduring such a beautiful thing as loving someone or having someone to love them. Not all love is the same love. Different aspects of love come by easier than others. Love for family and love for your significant other is like apples and oranges. A mother’s love is physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. Loving someone as a partner, in most cases only gives you three out of four of the essential needs you need to help the human body function properly. The difference between loving your family and loving your partner is you can never be in love with your mother, father, sister, or brother. Being in love is believing that your partner is so amazing that you want them to be a part of you. When falling in love you feel as if that person completes you, it is like
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I use to sit and watch my aunt and her husband going back and forward arguing about who said what, why they said it, or why didn’t they say anything at all. “You insist! If I tell you what the donkey said to the ox, which made me laugh, I shall die.” She said, “Yes, I insist, even if you have to die” (1185). Just like the in the story, it was my aunts’ way or no way at all. Her husband would eventually tell her what he said, and if she did not like it, he would have to sleep on the couch. Women always like to feel in control even if it is over something as small as argument with their husband. Men like to please their wives even if cause them to lose their life or sleep on the couch from time to time. Loving your parent is not always doing what they want but keeping them satisfied plays a big role. Sometimes you have to know when to hold them and when to fold

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