Love Is The Most Important Gift Essay

847 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
When one is asked what gift they want for Christmas, they answer with a material object, however, the greatest gift is something that one cannot touch. The greatest gift is something that one can give every day, not just on Holidays to people that they care about. The greatest gift is love. Love defines us and creates a bond between humans. It is powerful and can make people do amazing things or terrible things. Love also gives one strength to keep going and to not give up. Without love, society is nothing. God gives people love to share but he also loves them immensely. Love is the most important gift because it makes someone elated and purposeful , it makes the world a more peaceful place, and love has the power of healing emotional trauma. The greatest gift to give is love and when one gives love to another, the receiver becomes incredibly joyful and whole. Love does not have to be intimate, though it most often is. Love can take the form of appreciation for others. A person who feels love knows that someone cares for them and appreciates them. This makes them content and realize that they have meaning in this world. Without the love of another, one can feel alone and depressed and it will ultimately destroy them. The gift of love is very important in having a purposeful and a meaningful life. The love of God is also very meaningful and an essential love to have. We will never be complete without it. “May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to…

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