Love Is The Best And Deepest Love Essay

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Anyone is capable of falling in love, but truly loving someone or something requires an intentional effort in order to actually love. Status viatoris describes how individuals are driven by his/her hopes and loves. Although, this drive does not always lead one to love things that are good. Moreover, the way that one loves and the things that one loves determine whether love fails or love sustains. When an individual’s virtues are not directed toward an end longing of God and the Truth, love fails, but when an individual’s longings are directed towards God, love sustains. One’s faith and pursuit of God allows one to love well; it enables one to live with the central virtue in mind. Virtue is the best and deepest love, which is understanding the love of God. However, love begins to fail either when we love something more than we love God or when we love the wrong thing. Augustine’s friend was not something that was wrong to love, but his great love and faith in his friend was wrong. Augustine says, “The reason why that grief had penetrated me so easily and deeply was that I had poured out my soul on to the sand by loving a person sure to die as if he would never die…what I loved as a substitute for you” (96). When his friend died, Augustine was very lost. Augustine misplaced his faith and hope in this person and did not direct his hope towards God himself. Hope is ultimately something that endures and lasts. However, since Augustine’s hope was placed in his friend, his hope…

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