Love Is Pure And Everlasting Essay

845 Words Nov 24th, 2014 4 Pages
Love comes in many shapes and forms. Love can be different for everyone who comes across the word. Some may describe love as the fundamental feeling in the world, or as the evil feeling that broke their heart, or even sometimes a non-existent emotion that they cannot grasp. Love is at the core of human existence, the driving emotion for relationships, parenthood, and family, even with an occupation or talent. Whatever the case humans by their very nature create different examples and variations of love.
There is love, and then there is true love. Some would say that true love is out there for everyone, while others would say that true love is never attainable. True love is, not wanting to go to bed because that would be time you can’t spend thinking about that person. True love is pure and everlasting. True love can come when least expected or it can be a process that makes its presence known to those involved. True love can change your life in the most positive way or the worst possible way. It can make you restless at night keep your mind of more important things going on. On the other hand it can impact you extremely the other way. It can make you work harder and stay focused on the main goals because you know the love you have is eternal and know it’s always going to be there. Due to the fact true love is very hard to find, people go out and tell others that they are truly in love, when in reality many people don’t know what love is and jump into something they…

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