Love Is Long Lasting, Real, And Portrayed By An Individual 's Personality

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Infatuation is momentary, fleeting, and characterized by an individual 's appearance. True love is long lasting, real, and portrayed by an individual 's personality. However, infatuation has the tendency to develop into true love over time. The texts Romeo and Juliet, “Why a Foolish marriage vow ”and“ What happens in our brains when we’re in love,” analyze this by providing specific examples. True love requires dedication from both individuals. These texts analyze this claim by contributing similar examples. Predestination means that fate decides for something to occur and it is inevitable. It can initiate true love in individuals, emphasize infatuation later in a relationship, or explain how true love occurs in one. Free will means that an individual has the power to act however, they want without any constraints. It might commence true love or terminate it through choice. Obligation appears in an individual when they are forced to perform a certain task. It can compel someone to seek true love or help distinguish true love and infatuation. Infatuation and true love can be united with predestination, obligation, and free will, even though these concepts are all diverse. Infatuation can develop into true love over time because time strengthens a relationship by creating a stronger bond between the couple. Time brings two individuals closer together. The article “What happens in our brains when we’re in love,” supports this when it says, “You look up at her. She fits…

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