Love Is An Indescribable And Divine Feeling Essay

718 Words Nov 15th, 2014 3 Pages
Searching for something that doesn’t exist can be irritating and unpleasant. It’s like failing that exam you studied for all those weeks; it’s disappointing. Sometimes love can fall into the same category. The human heart dies to feel something beautiful, and its love craves to be loved. It is still unbelievable how the love given not always receives the same fondness. This happens because people get confused about love and its meaning, leading to unhappiness. On some occasions, people start feeling conscious about their loneliness, and jump into relationships without realizing what kind of love they are feeling. Still, love has been experienced by everyone in a different way, and it’s irrelevant what type of love has been encountered, it is still love. Love is known as an indescribable and divine feeling, but no matter what type of affection you have received, to avoid confusion, is important to know the four types of love: unconditional, physical, fraternal, and emotional love.
Loving someone without taking into account their mistakes, their flaws, or their actions is what can be known as unconditional love. Acceptance is the act of embracing someone’s heart; not their characteristics. This type of love is about creating a relationship full of trust and honesty with someone who is always able to understand mistakes. People can be selfish at times, and hurt other individuals’ feelings, but unconditional love shows how to love the person, and accept his or her faults.…

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