Love Is An Emotional State That Ranges From Deep Affection Feelings Of Pleasure

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Love is an emotional state that ranges from deep affection to feelings of pleasure. These emotional states are often expressed through intimate behaviours (e.g. sexual intercourse, kissing and embracing). Sternberg’s triangle of love (Sternberg and Barnes, 1988) revealed three components of love; passion (e.g. sexual desires, anticipation, jealousy and fear), intimacy (e.g. physical comfort) and commitment.

Furthermore, the universal ideologies of love have led researchers to investigate the different categories of love. Fehr (1994) asked participants to identify different types of love by matching lists of features previously generated for each type of love. The results, revealed two main types of love; a companionate love and romantic/passionate love. According to Hatfield (1987) passionate love involves emotional states such as, feeling of tenderness, sexual desires and affection, as well as confusing feelings of anxiety and jealousy. While, companionate love is a less intense emotional state (e.g. feeling of friendly affection and deep attachment). The passionate love occurs first, in an intimate relationship, while the companionate love develops slowly in the relationship.

Essentially, it is important to distinguish between the feeling of liking and loving an individual. Rubin (1973) measurement scale, showed that liking someone is having feeling’s for an individual on a friendship baseline, while loving someone involves strong emotions of possessiveness,…

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