Love Is A Mixture Of Emotions And Attitudes Towards A Person Essay

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Love is a mixture of emotions and attitudes towards a person that can affect or alter feelings of happiness or attachment to a person or group of people. Loving someone is not a choice to be made, it is a feeling that is controlled by experiences and other feelings surrounding a relationship. Whether a relationship be between a male and female, friendship, or parent child relationship, all of these are loving relationships, but all of them express a different type of love for each other, in every one of these, loving the other person involved is a feeling developed from the memories shared and the happiness that being with that person brings you. However, love as it appears in human to human contact can change itself in regards to feelings, outside emotions and the feelings of the other person, but those outside stimulates can not alter the love that you feel for another human, but may be able to alter the type of love you feel for that person. In situations such as divorce or separation, there exists a love between both parties involved that has survived through months or maybe even years of triumphs and tears. In situations such as that, the people involved at some point loved each other dearly, to the point of getting married, and having children and maybe even grandchildren. Although those parents may have separated, for whatever reason, both parties involved will always have a love for one another that exists much like parental love. Those two people, although they…

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