Essay on Love in Times of Cholera

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Love in Times of Cholera
Gabriel García Márquez
Alan Anaya |

The plot unfolds in Central America early this century, a period in which, according to the narrator, signs of falling in love could be confused with symptoms of cholera. Like the mighty Magdalena, whose banks are developed, the story twists and flowing, rhythmic, deliberate, and prose narrates down through more than sixty years the life of the main characters, Fermina Daza, Florentino Ariza and Doctor Juvenal Urbino de la Calle. And little by little, this scenario and these characters, as a mixture of tropical plants and clays that the author's hand shapes and fancies, are flowing into the land of myth and legend, approaching to a happy ending.
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One day Fermina goes to the market , where she encounters Florentino, realizing instantly that she is not in love with him, and so she communicates him. Florentino is heartbroken, but he swears to himself that sooner or later get the love of Fermina.
Time passes, and a good day when Fermina falls ill, goes to make a visit to the village doctor, Juvenal Urbino de la Calle. This, to see the arrogance and pride of Fermina, surrendered at his feet down and makes everything possible for her to agree to marry him.
After several attempts, Fermina yield to the insistence of the doctor and gets married, to the great sorrow of Florentino. Florentino, to the despair of the sudden loss of Fermina, "decides" that Juvenal Urbino dies before Fermina, and therefore her being alone, he appears to live the love that had been banned.
A day of Pentecost, in which old age and had settled on the characters, Juvenal, trying to rescue her parrot was stuck in a tree, dies after falling from a ladder. That same day, in the wake of the famous doctor, appears to take the opportunity to remind Florentino for Fermina's promise that he would wait forever cast in his youth, which meets Fermina offended, since he takes it as a dare.

After a while the death of Juvenal, Florentino returns to the charting with Fermina, which was initially reluctant. But to celebrate a year of the death of Juvenal, Florentino goes to Fermina Mass and greets you with great emphasis, Florentino fact

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