Aeneid Book IV Character Analysis

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Do you ever feel like people put everything on the line for love, and then it be for nothing? Aeneid book IV by Virgil is the main text that this essay will be focused on. Aeneid was about this crazy queen Dido that has recently lost her husband. This does a number on her mentally and to worsen her state she gets into a love affair with a fellow named Aeneid. To get to the point they have this relationship in a cave for a while to try to combine their kingdoms, but then Aeneid tries to pull out all his chips but not in his favor. Long story short, he tries to sneak off and she loses her crap on him, then later kills herself. There were tons of underlying morals and examples of how not to do things in this story, but one stands out way more …show more content…
Another point of Dido putting too much in her feelings was when they got “married”. “Now to the self-same cave came Dido and the captain of the Trojans...High Heaven became witness to the marriage, and nymphs cried out wild hymns from a mountaintop.” (Virgil lines 215-220) How could this possibly be a real wedding, who gets married in a cave by fairies pretty sure, they were just messed up on something and banged each other, a lot. If it did happen though it wasn 't even like real. Also, the only reason they got married was to combine kingdoms not love so it really actually makes a lot of sense when it turns up a flop. To go along with Aeneas trying to sneak off, he totally disregards their marriage. After Dido started going off on him about trying to leave, he responds with,”Do not think I meant to be deceitful and slip away. I never held the torches of a bridegroom, never entered upon the pact of marriage.” (Virgil lines 441-444) Talk about a blow, Dido at this point had to off realized she was putting way too much into her feelings and their marriage, because at that she in return called him a son of a rock. After that, Dido continues to yell bluntly at Aeneas telling him how much of a wanker he is for everything he 's done. Obviously Aeneas, just wanted some and was like um, sure we can get married in a cave (cough cough…. as long as I get some I mean i 'll do anything you want babe). Oh also by the way i 'm just going to leave when I get bored. With that he might of said yeah, I don 't really love you just your body preferably on mine. Aeneas definitely showed Dido that yes, she could indeed put too much into her feelings when just like that he both bashed their marriage and tried to leave her behind with nothing, well besides a broken

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