Love Film Analysis

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The film is an art to be watched, which is not the lack of a variety of female image. But for thousands of years under the influence of male culture, women are the object because of the desire of men. The male culture has been as the center of the film system, however the location of women only for "being seen” and do not have independent spiritual personality.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is gradually improving in the 21st century. Film are basically describe male superiority, heroic beauty and other masculine virtue. Although there is no lack of virtuous, coquettish female role, but in most cases the role of women is just a foil for men. Until the rise of popular culture, women 's economic independence, women 's awareness of women gradually
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Men are the core of the conflict between the characters, the contradictions between. Women are the role to confirm the affectionate and gentle men and showing the male masculine and stalwart, at best. For example, Hollywood films. Whether it is Bond girl of 007 series or the sexy women in the Mission: Impossible, women only play a foil for highlight James Bond and Tom Cruise 's masculinity. Also, they are not only to meet the male audience 's desire to watch but also to meet the heroic dream of a female audience. In some literary love films, the position of women positioning is to set off the gentle, generous, romantic and …show more content…
In 2000, author Imelda Whelehan published her book "Overloaded: Popular Culture and the Future of Feminism". Its main points are as follows: Whelehan cited the "feminine" elements of today 's mass media: from the novelty bra advertising, and bestselling magazines and spice pops, etc. These "feminine" Elements of the mass media are no lack of insulting women. Pop culture carries too many "missions" for male recreation - including a large number of female semi-naked images. Pop culture also loads a lot of information for women 's pastime - "man and beauty", "masculinity" and so on. According to Whelehan 's argument, we have entered a sexual discrimination era. For example, magazine, its illustrations and cover often is women half-naked or

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