Gender Discrimination In Pop Culture

The film is an art to be watched, which is not the lack of a variety of female image. But for thousands of years under the influence of male culture, women are the object because of the desire of men. The male culture has been as the center of the film system, however the location of women only for "being seen” and do not have independent spiritual personality.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is gradually improving in the 21st century. Film are basically describe male superiority, heroic beauty and other masculine virtue. Although there is no lack of virtuous, coquettish female role, but in most cases the role of women is just a foil for men. Until the rise of popular culture, women 's economic independence, women 's awareness of women gradually
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The media gives the impression that life is full of men with a variety of sense of crisis, a single woman of nervousness and can not be due diligence of professional mothers. Postmodernists often disagree with this culture of gender discrimination. They think that we are in the age of equality between men and women, fashionable pop culture just for entertainment - "sounds like some aggressive, but does not mean that gender discrimination.” Whelehan pointed out that this view is wrong! Because of this "entertainment only" environment, attitude and language, has become part of our daily lives. Women are in fact unknowingly victims of this culture, which reflects the role of women in today 's society, which means that there is still widespread gender discrimination in society. Many have compared and linked feminism with the past, believing that it is an extreme movement for women to achieve equality, a thing that happened a hundred years ago. "This view is also wrong!”

On the whole, men still occupy the mainstream in today 's movies and popular culture, women are suppressed by traditional thinking and male. The mainly reason is that the society in which we live is still essentially a male-centered society. To win the women 's rights to speak first of all women have to pay attention to their own, and have a clear vision and understanding of their own situation. I believe that in the near future, the film screen and popular culture will have more and better independent female

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