Love Expression: Love Is Love Or Attachment?

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It is no secret that Love conquers all, but what seems to spark a big controversy these days is whether love is really “love” or just a mutual attachment. To analyze the similarities and differences, one must first understand what each of them is. The website defines love as a strong or constant affection for someone or something and attachment as an affectionate feeling for someone or something. There is only a slight difference between these two definitions and that is the word “Constant.” Love is Constant; Attachment is not, but it doesn’t stop there. Because these two are so similar, people are often mislead into thinking attachment is love and love is attachment; but these two cannot coexist. Attachment seems to grow from the fear of being alone. Think about it. Typically, people fear …show more content…
Love is Vehement; Attachment is Apathetic. Experts say that the closest feeling to love is hate. Usually, when a couple calls the wedding bells off, they become enraged and full of remorse. This does not happen when two beings are attached. Usually, the feeling of despair or sadness fills one’s heart, but nothing that comes close to hate. Love is a feeling that is expressed whole-heartedly, Attachment is the home of the half-hearted lovers, the lovers that’ll say "I love you" but... In this sense, But is a condition, Love is supposed to be unconditional. There’s an old saying that goes “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Love is that one thing that is worth working for. No one puts any effort into a relationship driven by attachment. Usually, In attachment, when things get rough, a couple doesn’t want to see each other because they want to work things out. They want to see each other only because one thinks they 'll die without the other

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