Love Essay: Underestimate The Power Of Love

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Love is a word that so many people think they know, but truly underestimate the power of love. To love someone else is to put their well being before your own. Webster defines love as a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. Love for me is an indescribable work with so many deeper meanings. At one point in my life I thought I had found what my definition of love was for me, but for her it was something else. My freshman year in high school, I was walking the halls, I laid eyes on this flawless being walking in the opposite direction. I was stunned. I Never have seen this girl before, and none of my friends knew who she was either. It was 3 days after that point when I saw her again, she was standing in front of me waiting to get lunch. I just stared at her …show more content…
She said because of her parents both got a new job in another state. I begged her to stay for the last week of the school year to spend the most amount of time with her. She said she had already begun packing and that she and her family have it planned to leave. I began to cry, and asked why it happened to me. She said “we can try long distance”, I did not want to settle for anything less. I loved her. Then the next day she was not at school in gym class. I immediately texted her asking where she was. She said on her way to her new house with her family. So love, can go way beyond feelings, and emotions, it becomes a bond between you and a significant other. You can experience love in so many different ways. You create these bonds that last a lifetime. I never saw my love of my life ever again after that day.We started to text fro the next couple of days after she had moved. I just didn 't feel the same way, I just felt an empty pit in my stomach. I was always weary about long distance relationships. I just feel you can 't trust anyone. I tried the long distance thing, but the trust issues

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