Love Difference Theory: My Theory Of Personality

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“Love is a beautiful thing, or is it just made up words spoken between two individuals trying to say the only thing that comes to mind never really understanding, grasping or realizing what true love is....” ~ L. Osborne
My Theory of Personality Love difference theory believes that love is an un-equivalent emotion displayed differently by each individual. As a child your parents display their love for you by providing the basic necessitates needed to survive; food, water, and shelter. Their love for you never faltered, even when you did something wrong, and they had to discipline you. Disciplining you was a sign of their love, by teaching you right from wrong. As you grow you realize that your family consists of more than
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One of my greatest weaknesses is my inability to trust people, and allow people into my life. My father absence in my life played a large role in my suspiciousness of others. I also question people motives, try to uncover hidden agendas, and determine why they want to be in my life. While I do not admit this often one of my greatest fears, is that I will love someone, who does not love me back. I would hate to pour my emotions and time into someone, and it is not given in return. To avoid this fear and heartbreak I keep everyone at a distance, not allowing anyone to get close enough to hurt me. While I want to believe that my father absence and lies are the main root of my problem I do not think it is. Honestly, I believe that it is a mixture of both my father, and my own insecurities and fears keeping me away from accepting people, and letting them get close. I pride myself, in being an open and honest person, I do not make excuses for myself, but I face every situation head on. Moreover I attempt to live by my Christian teaching of loving your neighbor as yourself; however I do not always succeed at this law. I notice that I do not have the same love for everyone, and based on my love for that person, I treat them differently, compared to …show more content…
We cater, care, and protect our girls, because they are seen as weaker, compared to boys. We raise our young ladies to be this way because we prepare them to be a wife since that is seen as the ultimate goal. However, we push and prod our young men to be tough, strong men prepared for society, not showing any weakness. This type of parenting has a strong influence on personality because it conditions boys and girls to grow up and become men and women who fit into a mold made by society. Gender plays an important role in the Love Difference Theory because women are more emotional than men, and express certain emotions easier. Love can be a difficult emotion, when being transpired between men and women because, for some falling in love can be scary, and some do not believe in love at

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