Love, Death, Relationships, And Adventures Essay

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Since the beginning of time love has been expressed in different art forms. While the art form of poetry often has different themes such as life, death, relationships, and adventures. Many selections of poetry deal with the theme of love. For instance, all of the selected poetry had the theme of love. The idea of love can often be categorized into four categories: agape love, phileo love, storge love, and eros love. Although the types of love in the selected poetry can be described in many different ways, the most basic levels are conditional love and unconditional love. Conditional love is as simple as it sounds. Conditional love is a love that is only there because of something promised or given. Conditional love is eros at the basest level. One great example of conditional love is “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” and “The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd.” In “The Passionate Shepherd,” Christopher Marlowe presents a speaker who promises things he cannot give so the Nymph will come live with him and be his love. The speaker in the following quatrain from “The Passionate Shepherd” says: And I will make thee beds of roses And a thousand fragrant poises, A cap of flowers, and a kirtle Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle; (ll.9-12) The speaker in “The Shepherd” promises a utopia where he and the nymph can live together forever. The nymph quickly brings the shepherd back to earth from his unrealistic dreams. The tone of the speaker suggests she knows these things…

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