Love Comes Home - Original Writing Essay

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Love Comes Home
My heart stopped the moment I saw her beaming face as she sprinted down the hallway of the airport to meet her new family. In an instant, my world was changed forever. It was the end of July 2014 and we had spent countless hours decorating the spare bedroom of my aunt and uncle’s home with a handmade quilt, dozens of stuffed animals, and a whole new wardrobe. The room was filled with anything an 8 year old girl could ever want. The long wait was finally over and tomorrow, July 25, my aunt, uncle, and cousin would begin their journey across the world to bring home the newest member of the Ashley family, Cai Faith Ashley. As we put the final touches on her room, the reality finally set in that after a year of waiting our dreams were coming true and it was time to go get my new cousin. Hanging a picture on the wall that featured our church family and community who aided tremendously with the adoption process, Aunt Amy said, “I cannot wait to show this picture to Cai and explain to her how much she is loved and how many people had a hand in bringing her to America.” The outpouring of generosity the community had given to our family over the past year was remarkable. Without the helping hand they gave us during this time, this day would not be possible. The adoption process proved to be very expensive, but fundraiser events like 5k marathons, bake sales and generous donations helped to cover those expenses. Excitement filled the air on…

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