Love Canal- Hazardous Chemical Sophie Albright Essay

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Love Canal- Hazardous Chemical Sophie Albright
(Rough Draft) The Love Canal tragedy, in 1942, caused conflict and stirred up arguments, socially, economically, and environmentally. Unwanted chemicals from various experiments and projects from different companies and groups were dumped at a waste site in Niagara Falls, New York, thinking the landfill would cause no harm. When turned into a neighborhood, it was dangerous to the health of those around and caused cancer, miscarriages, birth defects, and other. Many of the people living there were unable to afford moving and the government didn’t seem interested in lending a hand. The neighborhood was evacuated in 1980. While the government pitched in to help clean up the area in the end, at a cost of millions dollars, there have been long term effects for people exposed to the high levels of toxicity. This was more of a local problem because the problems were focused in a concentrated area in New York, although it brings awareness to issues of global importance, the dangers of exposure to both known and unknown chemicals that have the potential to be hazardous. The chemicals that were dumped were waste and served various purposes, many of the types are unknown. However, some of the chemicals known to be present were hexachlorocyclohexane, chlorobenzenes, chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene, chloroform, trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, benzene hexachloride, phosphorous rocks, polychlorinated biphenyls, and…

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