Love Canal : A Popular Tourist Attraction Essay

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Love Canal
This research paper summarized one of the most famous environmental disasters that happened at the Love Canal, a popular tourist attraction in the late 1970s. In this mini case study paper, the background of Love Canal, the main issue caused this tragedy, the actions taken by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with the outcomes, and the resulting effects on the health of the population exposed at Love Canal and the tragedy will be mainly discussed.
In 1978, Love Canal near Niagara Falls in upstate New York was seen as a beautiful river, which wind around the hundreds of houses and schools. The clam was shattered. A child’s mother suddenly found her son appeared asthma, pneumonia, urethral abnormality and other illness; her daughter even was suffering from a rare blood system diseases. Her neighbors often have the symptoms of physical discomfort. They all suspected that all this was due to the residual chemical waste nearby. Love Canal tragedy is a major pollution incident in the history of United States. Not only did the event cause direct economic losses of 250 million US dollars, but it also directly contributed to the establishment of a Hazardous Substances Response Fund (the “Superfund”) (Gulino, 1986).
History and Background of Love Canal
In the 1890s, American entrepreneur William T. Love planned to build a canal to connect Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to facilitate shipping and to build a model city next to it. Due to the water…

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