Love By William Shakespeare And Wuthering Heights, Sense And Sensibility, And Pride And Prejudice

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What does the feeling of love mean and how does it control one’s actions? Multiple playwrights and authors have used this as a basis for their stories or plays. Throughout American literature, the theme of love is the most important because it can be displayed in many different aspects and readers are most often able to relate. Love as a theme is used in many different ways throughout stories or plays and it is quite important. In the article, “Love in Literature,” the author explains that love can be used in a variety of ways because this theme can have unseen twists and turns throughout it, as well as many different endings. The theme of love has been used in plenty of famous stories and plays, such as Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice (“Love”). Love is important to these stories (and others) because it has been used as early as Greek and Roman mythology writings and continued throughout time(“Love”). As stated in “Love in Literature”, “Love is unique in that it is a constant: while it goes on through different decades and different centuries, the elements stay the same.” This shows a sort of significance that it has continued throughout the ages. Love has been used in many stories with much importance, and one way to use the theme of love is for oneself. One writing that shows love as a major theme is “Ain’t I Woman?” by Sojourner Truth. Without the aspect of love, this text would not be the same. In this speech, Truth…

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