Essay on Love Builds Your Character?

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Love Builds Your Character
No matter what age, race, gender, or religion, we all crave a deep love of passion for one another. Love can appeal to us in many states of emotion and gestures: sexually, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Sexually, your body can undergo sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) usually between two people; this stimulates hormones and emotions that arouse feelings of lust and binding “chemistry” to one another. Physically, while your first instinct may be to see that as a shallow reason for loving someone, the truth is it’s very powerful. When you first meet someone, you can almost fell that gravitational pull towards them, their looks, their scent; everyone has their own preference in the state of love. Mentally, when looking for a partner, you try to find your other half, same interest same ideas. Spiritually, finding a mind-body-spirit connection that makes the union complete and whole. The hardest part about the state of love is knowing when you are in love, or you are in love with feeling. Many of the states blend together and can touch not only one but they can touch all four. In Little Women, the strong family bonds give the March women strength to be different in other areas of their life.
Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth are all very different in their own way, but it’s their sisterly bond that strengthens their characters. They build each other up and push each other down; nevertheless, they love each other. When you meet Jo in the…

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