Essay on Love Between Children And Parents

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Hopefully everyone has felt to some degree the emotion we describe as love. There are many different types of love in our human society. The first one we are most likely to experience is the love that occurs between children and parents. It is usually an unconditional love and has a purpose in human biology. There is also the unrequited love often felt for the first time by school children who learn that all love is not returned equally.
Romantic love can be the most irrational causing sane people to commit insane acts. All of these different types have been written about countless times in literature since people began writing their thoughts down. Just like in all those other bodies of work the love experienced by the characters in "The Jilting of Granny Weathercall", "What We Talk About
When We Talk About Love", and “I Stand Here Ironing” is a cross section of what any person might hope to experience in one lifetime.
Love between parents and their children are often unconditional except in extreme deviations from societal norms. The purpose from an evolutionary standpoint is that children are too weak and underdeveloped to survive for years after they are first born.
The love that is felt for their children causes the parents to stay with their children even if it becomes detrimental to their safety or causes them to make sacrifices that they would otherwise not make. This support may also become reversed as the parent ages and may become dependent on the child for care as…

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