Love And Shakespeare 's Love Essay

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Love and Shakespeare
Love is something that everyone thinks about at some point in their lifetime. There are several people that are know for their influence and writing about love, William Shakespeare is one of those that is so well know. Most people know Romeo and Juliet because it shows love and tragety, plus most people had to read the play while they were in high school. Love is something that is idealized by most, a reality for most, and has to be evaluated by everyone when they have found love.
Shakespeare shows with his plays and poetry that love is something that that happens and you become married. With Romeo and Juliet he shows two people from completely different worlds that fall in love, their families do not approve of the love so in the end the choose to both die. This is very unfortunate because no matter what time period it is not every family is going to approve of the person that you fall in love with, to be honest family should not have any control of who you choose to love. Love is something that everyone will feel at one time or another in their lifetime. It could be for a parent, a spouse, a child, or even a pet. It is something that seems to more important for women than for men in our time. With love there seems to be heartbreak which is something that can push come people away from love. Love is idealized by some many people and it starts at a young age. Most little girls get dressed up in a white dress and pretend to marry their friend before…

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