Love and Rob Essay

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Remembering “Rumblefish”
Rob Sheffield is former radio D. J., as well as an editor and columnist for the Rolling Stones magazine. He stumbled upon a mix tape titled Rumblefish with no songs written on it. At first he referred to it as “just another piece of useless junk that Renee left behind” (Sheffield 643). Renee was his wife whom passed away after they were married for only five years. So as he listens through the tape, he finds himself re-living and relieving the memory of his life with his much loved wife; and each song is related with bittersweet memories. And so he drowns and looses himself into the mix tape.
Thinking back, there were many where I did just that. I would spend hours composing remix tapes and much thoughts
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The joy and love of music was the cornerstone of their relationship.
Today’s readers will come to understand how music had influenced and shaped the people of that decade and perhaps compare how today’s music is shaping their decade and lives; and those readers that are from Rob’s and Renee time, they are bound to come across a familiar song and they will reminisce about the past, perhaps even transporting themselves back to the decade when “the boundaries of American culture were exploding and music was leading the way” (Sheffield 647).
Rob uses of emotional appeal really influences and draws the readers into his essay. “The first song: Pavement’s Shoot the Singer, just a sad California boy, plucking his guitar and singing about a girl he likes. They were Renee’s favorite band. She used to say, “There’s a lot of room in my dress for these boys.” (Sheffield 643). Here, we get glimpse of how he’s relating himself and Renee through music. Rob being a shy, skinny and tall, Irish Catholic city boy from Boston, falling in love with a five foot two “real cool-hell raising Appalachian punk-rock girl.” (Sheffield 644). The title and description of this song shows a sad tone, yarning for a long lost love and passion. As he goes through each song, he interprets them and links them to Renee, making her memory come alive and giving us details how their life was spent together for a mere short period of time through the fast decade of the 90’s, all with an elegiac tone

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