Love And Relationships In Leigh Anne's The Blind Side

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Can you even imagine what it’s like to not have a bed until your seventeen? The incredible story of The Blind Side is about a opulent family who pulls a homeless boy off the streets and into their home. Not only do they give him the necessities in life, they give him a future. When Michaels first supportive mother, Leigh Anne takes Michael out of the hood, Leigh Anne and Michael develop a loving relationship.

Even though Leigh Anne isn’t Michael’s birth mother, the two of them cultivate a relationship to admire. Leigh Anne truly cares and worries about Michael. When Leigh Anne asked Michael if he’d like to stay the night at their home; one may say it was heartfelt. After Michael had been sleeping on their couch for a while, Leigh Anne
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Before Michael lived with the Tuohy’s, he was living in poverty. After Michael and his other siblings were taken away from his mother, Michael had nowhere to live. He bounced from foster home to foster home, couch to couch and whichever twenty-four hour building had heard. One of these buildings was the laundry mat; he washed his clothes in the sink and hope someone would leave a machine with time left on it. Michael had been walking to Briarcrest Christian High School when the Tuohy’s first invited him into their home. When Leigh Anne asked Michael why he was going there; he said: “Because it’s warm” (Lewis 102). Just like everybody else, Michael needed food. He would go to the schools sporting events and after the game, pick up all the uneaten popcorn bags from the bleachers. Another example is when Michael was dishing up his first plate with the Tuohy’s, Michael snuck a couple dinner rolls into his pocket for later. The change from living in the hood, to living in an opulent lifestyle was hard for Michael to comprehend. Even though Michael was too timid to express it, living in a huge, fancy house was something Michael was incredibly grateful for. When Michael first moved in with the Tuohy’s, he was sleeping on the couch. It was probably the most comfortable couch Michaels ever slept on considering that is cost ten thousand dollars. After Michael had been living with the Tuohy’s for quite some …show more content…
Michael had to sleep with one eye open because of the dangers he was surrounded by. Growing up Michael was enclosed by pure-pressure. He was pressured with drugs and alcohol at a young age. The individuals he was living around thought of the law as a joke, they didn’t respect it. Calling the police was not common because as Leigh Anne put it: “The last thing they want is the cops snooping around” (Lewis 249). Majorities of the people living and hanging in the hood have done time. One night Michael goes looking for his mom in the hood, he ends up waiting for her at a party she often drops in at. One of the guys, Alton, says a disrespectful comment about Michaels sister Collins. Michael tells him to shut up, Alton lifts up his shirt enough to show Michael he has a gun and isn’t afraid to use it. Michaels mother was somewhat of a floozy. She was a horrible influence on Michael his other siblings. She would bring them to parties with drugs and alcohol. The parties were very dangerous in multiple different ways. When something bad was happening, Michael was told to close his eyes and it will all go away. Michaels mother tended to flaunt herself. She had 11 different children with many different fathers and doesn’t even know where most of them are. All of the fathers to the children are not or never were in the picture. Including Michaels father, she doesn’t even remember his name or what he looks like. Lastly, it truly

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