Love And Love In William Wordsworth's The Boxer

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Register to read the introduction… This poem did not set my focus on one particular thing. I did empathize with the young man concerning his struggles because those are things we face every day. I did hit upon his loneliness and feeling alone in the world, yet being determined to come out on top.
The concept in this story poem of “The Boxer” is about leaving home in search of a new home. The journey to find a fresh beginning, being a poor boy, sets out to explore the chance to improve his life of satisfaction. His quest is much like many who want to live the American dream, striving to change his image of being poor, only to find out the realization that his new home cannot be found. His insights of having that better lifestyle are from stories that he only want to hear “A man hears what he wants to hear” (Clugston, 2010).
Indeed, while everyone has their own level of understanding the persona of the poem makes the biggest impact. The persona is the foundation of our understanding because it creates the ambiance of a

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