Love And Love In Christopher Marlowe's Looking For Alibrandi

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The Senior English Curriculum currently uses texts that are easy to read and have comical contexts and allow students to pick different themes to read about. Like the theme of identity and acceptance which are evident in the novel Looking for Alibrandi, or the corrupting sensation of guilt which is seen throughout the novel of The Song of an Innocent Bystander. Poems are also analysed, and the poem The Passionate Shepherd to his Love, represents the concept of love and romanticism, and what better way to show the effect of love is through the supremacy of jealousy and manipulation in the Shakespearian play Othello. All these texts have their own philosophies and representations of concepts, which are all deemed suitable for a senior English …show more content…
A shepherd confesses his undying love for his beloved in a letter, describing what he can give to his cherished, like a gown of lovely silk made from his precious lamb’s wool. A student could also write a love letter to their crush and speak of the charming gifts they’ll give to them, or simply just be confessing to their crush and being rejected simply because their gifts don’t mean anything. Love in a student’s life could be somewhat grand, or just puppy love, the Shepherd was just infatuated with the idea of his love, and there was no ‘true’ love, only lust. The poem remains private though, it comes straight from the Shepherd’s viewpoint and it’s his own words, but that means that they could not be true, made up even. The poem describes a student’s way of writing a letter, writing a formal letter and seemingly lying about some aspects to seem more important and superior. The author’s use of imagery helps to paint the picture of what the message is, and this message could be coming from the author himself, perhaps he too tried to write a love letter to his crush and was rejected, seeing as the writing is personal. Overall this poem doesn’t communicate any life lessons, but can be found relatable in the aspect of love confessing, and love to a student can be an important

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