Love And Love: How Do You Be In Love

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You think you may be in love, but do you know for sure? Love goes beyond feeling attracted to someone. It goes beyond feeling excited about someone. When you are in love, you feel something much less superficial than lust. So, how do you know when you 're in love? Following are 26 signs that you should watch out for!

1. You Notice People In Love More

On the street, at work, at home, on TV, and everywhere else, love suddenly becomes very clear to you. You notice people holding hands, doing loving gestures, and giving loving kisses more than you used to. This is a sign that you are focusing on love, so you are seeing more of what you are focused on. It 's just like if you were focused on a particular type of truck or a certain musical - you
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You Are Planning Your Future

You are no longer living minute to minute in the relationship; you have begun to look long term. You can see yourself with this person for a long time to come, and whether you are thinking marriage, kids, or just planning your retirement, you have them in your picture.

5. You Want Them To Meet Your Parents

Introducing someone to your friends is all about determining whether or not you should date them, but when it comes to your parents - or a parental figure in your life - that is serious! It means you are committed enough to take the chance of your parents disapproving words, and you care about them enough to want them to meet your family.

6. You Compromise Easier

When you are no longer thinking about yourself and your needs, and you are focused on someone else 's needs and desires - and you are willing to compromise for their happiness - then you are in love. You have formed a strong enough bond to be compassionate to that person and put aside your selfishness for their happiness. Even if you really want to do one thing over another, you will be more inclined to reject it if the person you love can 't stand it.

7. You Are Blind To The Things That Don 't
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When you are in love, you feel like you are in the right place with the right person, no matter where you are, which usually manifests into a lot of smiling and laughter.

9. You Can 't Help But Smile When You Think About Them

If you catch yourself smiling when you think about someone, then you are in love. If the image or memory of them is enough to warm your heart and put a smile on your face, then you have a special intimate connection with them that screams love.

10. You Feel Their Pain

When we are focused on someone, but not really in love, we have a harder time feeling their pain than we do when we love them deeply. There is a bigger connection that occurs when love is present, which causes more of an empathetic reaction to losses, failures, or disappointments. So, whether their pain is small or big, you will feel it and empathize with them if you are in love.

11. You Are Silly Together

You are willing to be ridiculous together and you get a kick out of it. When you can move past the 'proper attitude ' and get into a silly state that you wouldn 't get into with other people, then you truly feel comfortable with that person, and it is a big sign of love.

12. They Are Who You Want To Be Around After A Long

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